We speak at and host our own events where kids make decisions that change their lives. Our creative and powerful messages grabs a hold of young people’s attention and speaks directly to their heart. Wherever we go, we are not just going to speak, but we are going to both minister to young people and also have them experience a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. The atmoshphere during any of our speaking engagements or ministry events is filled with an extreme presence of God that it’s as if young people are literally having a face to face encounter with their Creator. This leaves an eternal imprint on their heart and soul causing them to never be the same again.

Our speaking venues and events include:

*Soulfire – Youth Revival & Evangelistic Outreach

*Girls and Guys Conferences -The One Night Stand & Man Up

*Campus Ministry – reaching students on school campuses

*Mission Trips - taking kids on foreign soil where they will come back changed

*Leadership & Character Training

*Purpose Training – helping them discover God’s purpose.

*Youth  Camps

*Youth Conferences

*Juvenile Detention Centers

*Ministry to our U.S. Military