Through mentoring we coach both broken youth to a life of healing and the whole person to a life of purpose. During these times we address key issues they are facing, the hurts in their lives, along with exploring their dreams and passions.


Today’s generation needs someone to invest TIME into their lives. Seeing long lasting life change takes TIME. They need someone a little further down the road than they are to give them guidance. We call it “Rabbit Trails” where we meet one on one to explore whatever topic is most pressing in their lives at that time. This is the best and most effective way to help them apply principles of God’s Word into their lives. It’s living life with them…sound familiar? It’s called Discipleship! Lastly, we also provide opportunities for hands on ministry locally and internationally along with service projects.

We also utilize and implement these resources in our mentoring relationships.

-Personality Assessment

-Temperament Testing

-Leadership & Character Training

-Evangelism Training

-Purpose Training: Discovering God’s Purpose for their lives.

-Relationship Counseling


We recognize even elite athletes have mentors and coaches. So, we provide on-going mentoring and coaching to our young leaders who have stepped out to pursue their dreams and purpose of what God has called them to do. This also involves teaching them how to mentor others and thus has a MULTIPLIED IMPACT! Because of this approach we have literally touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people through the impact of our young leaders.