*1 in 10 deal with serious depression, according to a recent survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). If you do the math, that’s 2.2 million young people, making depression a heavy hitter against today’s teen population.

*Suicide is 3rd leading cause of ages 15-24

*1 in 5 have contemplated suicide

*Over 1,500 teens “kill” themselves each year

*“1 in 3″ high school girls report thinking about suicide at least once in a two week period

*40% of teens have tried to hurt themselves “are cutters”


*1/3 have been drunk in the last month

*1 in 4 use illegal drugs

*In the next 24 hours 15,006 teens will use drugs for the first time

*Every 7 minutes a teen is arrested for a drug crime


*8,000 of us contract an STD everyday

*1 Million get pregnant every year

*340,000 get an abortion every year

*1 out of 10 of them have been raped

*1 out of 2 rape victims is 18 or under

*1 in 6 is under age 12

*See 14,000 sexual references this year

-9 out of 10 have seen porn online

-½ of teens are no longer virgins


*In the next 24 hours 3,506 teens will “run away”

*Murder is the 2nd leading cause of death of young people ages 15-24

*Every two hours a teenager is murdered

*1 million kids are affected by divorce each year

*53 % of teens believed Jesus sinned

*83% believe truth is relative…no absolute truth

*65% of teens say there is no way to tell which religion is true