We believe reaching the youth in “our own backyard” is our first priority and every young person deserves to know there is hope and purpose in God. We don’t want even one more person to fall off the cliff of wrong choice and not fulfill God’s purpose and destiny for their life…just because nobody was there to tell them of a better way!

More than any other, today’s generation is lost and deeply searching for purpose and meaning in life.  They are looking for the answers to life’s toughest questions like: who am I, what am I here for, what is my purpose in this life? They are bombarded with distortions of truth (especially from the media) and are facing unprecedented issues like never before. Hurt, pain, fear and rejection run rampant in their culture and youth all over America are lacking hope and vision for their lives. With rising rates of teenage depression and suicide, violence, drugs and sexually transmitted diseases someone needs to speak the truth to them and loosen the chains of deception that hold them captive. Someone needs to teach them how to walk in freedom and step into the purpose and destiny that God designed them for.  Our BIG WHY…is because “we believe we can rescue a generation that appears to be spiraling out of control and unreachable through the message of healing, hope and purpose through Jesus Christ”!