Meet Karla Waisanen

A native of El Salvador, Central America, Karla has grown up both there and in the United States. Her heart’s desire is to see this generation transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and to see them fulfill the purpose that God created them for. Karla travels with her husband Tim to speak to young people and also on mission trips, where she interprets for him in Spanish. She loves to play the piano/keyboard and has a heart for worship and the presence of God. She has a passion for Arts and has been participating in and creating plays, dramas, skits, and human videos. She loves to make the message of God’s Word come to life in a relevant and tangible way.

Karla and Tim, currently live in Sanford, Florida, and work together in reaching the youth of their community. Karla has directed the drama ministry for her local church and is gifted in working with teenage, as well as, young adult girls. She is passionate about guiding them toward a life of mental, emotional, and sexual purity.