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BIG BLUE RIDES AGAIN!!!What in the world is big blue you may ask? Well, he is one of the biggest and most utilized relationship building tools we have ever had. “Big Blue” is my surfboard you see in the picture. It is perfect for teaching kids/teens how to surf. This past summer “HE” was exposed to 9 brand new people who all had high hopes of learning how to surf. While I cannot guarantee each person actually stood up and rode a wave, I can say that a deeper bond between me and these teens was built. It’s the kind of bond that opens doors much quicker to a deeper mentoring relationship which leads to life transformation. It’s amazing how sharing in a life experience together like this with wipeouts and laughter can in fact be one of the most critical things we do to spiritually impact a teen’s life. This past summer was all about mentoring and making a local impact. This included beach days, an all-night lock in with 47 students, a summer soccer league with 5 college guys we mentor who were home from school, as well as being actively involved in Sanford during the George Zimmerman trial.


Karla and I have been invited back for the 5th year in a row to minister to U.S. troops and their families stationed around Germany and Europe. Each year military families come from around Europe for a one week spiritual retreat and time of refreshment. We are brought in to conduct youth services, mentor kids and youth leaders, as well as tackle those teen specific issues. These past few years of speaking and mentoring have helped dozens of struggling teens with issues like depression, suicide, fear, cutting and unforgiveness. They have problems just like other American teens and sometimes it is even compounded when a parent is “downrange” (at the battle zone). One of the biggest challenges for these teens is that they are separated from life as they knew it, isolated from other family and friends, and have little to no youth ministry involvement like they would get in a typical American church. These retreats are the MAIN SPIRITUAL EVENTS they receive each year! Our coming is literally throwing them a rope of hope” to hold on to and find the peace that only Christ offers.


To make this ministry opportunity possible, Karla and I need your help! Imagine knowing that your resources went towards bringing comfort, hope and restoration to the lives of our U.S. Military and their kids. Will you prayerfully consider being a part of extending this “ROPE OF HOPE” to the teens of our military? This is one of the most tangible ways you can say thank you to the families that have sacrificed for all our freedoms, by helping send us as your missionaries to our military and show them the love of Christ! Also, I have enclosed a separate letter from the Intl. Office of the Church of God Military Ministry Youth Dept. that gives more insight and details about the need & why we’ve been asked to partner with them! I realize it is a little long but it is worth reading…thanks for taking the time!


$5,000: (this covers all transportation/travel expenses for Karla and I, hotel, food, and other ministry expenses).

Your immediate help is greatly appreciated as we have some up front expenses to be paid for by Sept. 15th.  Please make checks payable to POP Inc. and in the memo write “Military Mission”. Thank you for keeping us lifted up in prayer as we enter into this busy school season. It encourages Karla and I to know that YOU are on our team.  Thank you for your prayers and for standing with us! (To know about our upcoming events and how you can pray for us please see the back).

Your Missionaries,

Tim, Karla, Elisha & Debi



  • Financial provision for Germany.
  • For open hearts to receive the gospel.
  • Strength for our many upcoming ministry engagements.


  • Aug. 21st: Ignite Student Ministries (Deland, FL)
  • Aug. 25th: El Sanctuario- Spanish Church Ministry of The Sanctuary, Deland, FL
  • Aug. 8th: Ignite Student Ministries (Deland, FL)
  • Aug. 30th: Augusta Awakening Youth Revival- (Augusta, Georgia)
  • Sept. 4th: Ignite Student Ministries (Deland, FL)
  • Sept. 11th: Ignite Student Ministries (Deland, FL)
  • Sept. 15th: Church Alive (Winter Springs, FL)
  • Sept. 18th: Ignite Student Ministries (Deland, FL)
  • Sept. 25th: Ignite Student Ministries (Deland, FL)
  • Sept. 28th: City Church- Wide Open Youth Encounter (Sanford, FL)

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